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5 Fun Ocean-Themed Activities Kids Will Enjoy

Children love to learn about animals in every climate. So the place to venture next is the sea. Pack your day with five fun ocean-themed activities that kids will enjoy. These activities range from sensory bins to field trips to documentaries—let’s dive right in!

Create a Sensory Ocean Bin

If you have a clear plastic bin you’d like to reuse, change it into an ocean sensory bin. While creating an ocean sensory bin, gather up (fake) seashells, sea animals, and plants and throw them into your ocean-colored slime or blue-dyed water.

Kids will have fun splashing around, touching the different objects, and learning about their favorite sea animals and marine life.

Read Books About the Ocean

A book teaches many important lessons and contains valuable information about different things. Whether fiction or non-fiction, build a library of books for every age group. For older kids, between third and fifth grade, you can include chapter books centered on jobs related to the ocean and characters going on expeditions throughout the sea.

Sit down with your child and discuss the different animals, themes, and lessons they learned from each book. By sitting down and discussing the ocean-themed books with your children, you build a closer bond, and kids learn about the world in a new way.

Go on a Field Trip to the Aquarium

It won’t matter if you prefer going to the aquarium virtually or in person. Kids will love roaming the building, gazing at jellyfish, and watching fish swim by. There are many ways to learn at the aquarium, and there’s always fun entertainment to help end the trip on a positive note.

Plan a fun scavenger hunt with your little one. Print out a scavenger hunt list with clues and questions about ocean life and different animals that live in the sea. For fun, have them write down their favorite exhibit and talk about the parts of the aquarium that your child enjoyed most.

Create Ocean Layers With Recyclables

One thing kids learn all about in school is ocean conservation. Ocean conservation heavily concerns the waste that’s in the oceans and along the beachside. While learning, have your kids pick out recycled boxes to create the different ocean layers.

After you finish creating the layers, add stickers of animals that they can find in each layer, and then hang the recycled boxes on the wall.

Watch Documentaries on Ocean Life

The last thing to do is watch a documentary. There are many ocean-themed documentaries out there for families to watch. For starters, Disney+ and the Discovery Channel offer the best ocean-themed educational movies to watch.

Here are the ocean documentaries Disney+ offers:

  • Dolphin Reef (2018)

  • Oceans (2009)

  • Aliens of the Deep (2005)

The Discovery Channel also offers fun choices:

  • The Blue Planet (2001)

  • Blue Planet II (2017)

  • Life (2009)

As you take the time to develop an ocean-themed lesson plan with your kids this year, consider adding one of these fun ocean-themed activities to your list.


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