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4 Homemade Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Child To Make

Homemade gifts are priceless—and even more so when coming from the young mind of a child. Luckily, there’s a variety of homemade birthday gift ideas for your child to make. Homemade birthday gifts come from the heart and teach your child the sentiment of gift giving through their own creations. Whether you’re looking for easy DIY wood crafts or the most customizable objects to decorate, explore the best homemade birthday gifts that your child can create.

1. Custom Apron

A custom apron is a gift that’s both sentimental and practical. Provide your child with a canvas apron for them to decorate for a special chef or gardener in their life. Utilize finger paint to decorate the apron, or use their handprints to give their gift a personal touch.

2. Canvas Tote

A canvas tote bag is an essential accessory for completing day-to-day tasks. Assist your child in decorating the fabric with a personalized design, like scribble art, or even additional finger painting to provide someone with a useful and sentimental gift they can tote around for years to come.

3. DIY Picture Frame

A handmade picture frame offers your child a canvas to decorate and gives your kid a place to put a picture of their choosing. Your child can make this birthday gift using craft-friendly materials like twigs or popsicle sticks. If your child’s grandparent has a birthday coming up, imagine the value of framing your kid’s school photo inside a frame they decorated adorned with stickers, glitter, and other creations of their choosing.

4. Beaded Accessories

If your child enjoys making jewelry, they have the advantage of transforming one of their beaded creations into a homemade birthday gift. If they’re gifting to someone close to their age, they can make custom accessories, like a friendship necklace or charm bracelet. If they’re celebrating an adult’s birthday, they can easily transform a beaded ring into house décor, like napkin rings or candle holders.


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