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Party N Style Review

Party N Style (formerly Sweet & Sassy) is bigger and better! Their new location is in the same shopping complex, just a few doors down from the old one. This is the perfect place to hold a salon, themed, boy or tween party for many different occasions. My daughter, Maggie, enjoyed the services of Sweet & Sassy and she loves Party N Style even more. Yesterday, she got to experience a full spa package and had a wonderful time!

Maggie started out getting her hair washed and conditioned. She loved lying back in the chair and having someone massage her scalp and remove all of the hairspray build up she has from being a competitive dancer.

It had been a long time since she had a good hair cut since she needs to keep her hair long. Lexi trimmed off 3 inches making Maggie's hair look so much healthier. Maggie had a little scissor mishap several months ago and Lexi did a wonderful job creating a little side bang look.

Next up was a chocolate foot massage, pedicure and manicure.

We were to glad to see that Party N Style kept the party room atmosphere with the fun runway and celebrity sofa.

There were some great new additions! Party N Style now has a super awesome boys area where they can get their hair cut and styled and a little area where they can make "icky" boy spa products similar to the scrubs on the girl's side. There are also packages for moms and tweens to create some girl time memories. I love that owner, Stephanie, has added these new features. As a mom of 3 daughters and a son, this is somewhere we can ALL go and have a wonderful time. If you can drag Dad in, I bet he could get his toes done, too. ;) Maggie had several trips to the old location and I know she's going to want to keep coming back to the new one. We will definitely be back soon!

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