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BodyTrac TBMG/RFM Winter Challenge 2017

I am THRILLED to announce that BodyTrac of Westchase is back as a Diamond Sponsor for our Winter 2017 challenge!

BodyTrac’s perfect blend of science, technology, nutrition, and fitness expertise makes attaining your health and fitness goals a reality. Proven science backs BodyTrac’s use of heart rate monitoring to ensure that your exercise efforts are fully realized during each session. Your MyZone heart rate monitor provides you with the visualization of your effort and your heart rate at each BodyTrac facility so that your data can be used to adjust your effort to achieve your maximum caloric burn. When you train in the zone of 80%-90% during your cardio portion of your session, you set yourself up for optimal results – especially when combined with the increase in muscle mass you achieve from your consistent strength training sessions.

In addition, BodyTrac uses science and technology to deliver even more personalized data to guide your fitness journey. With metabolic testing and regular body composition testing, you can discover just how many calories you need to burn to lose weight and to make healthier lifestyle choices. BodyTrac also provides *free nutritional counseling and software to support your dietary choices needed for success. BodyTrac offers all of these things for PROVEN results. With BodyTrac, there is no stopping your achievements!

*with the cost of a BodyTrac membership

If you really want to change your life, if you want to lose weight, if you want to tone up, if you want to eat healthier, if you want to BE healthier, you’ll want to join this challenge. We will help you find time to work out and show you how to eat smart, control your portion sizes and find healthy snacks.


1. Who can join?

Any female member of Tampa Bay Moms Group (you don’t have to be a mom). If you’re not a member, becoming one is really easy- just like our Facebook page! Tampa Bay Moms Group is Tampa’s largest resource for moms and was created by local moms. Be sure to visit our Twitter (@tampabaymomsgrp) and Instagram (@tampabaymomsgroup), Real Fit Mom (blog), Twitter (@realfitmom1) and Instagram (@realfitmom1), too.

2. How does it work?

The challenge is run through a private Facebook group. Everything you need will be in there. If you go to a gym or have a workout you enjoy, you are all set to go. If you’d like help finding a workout, we will help you. Each day you’ll receive a tip, motivation and/or a daily challenge you can complete if you like. I will have weekly challenges as well where you can win incredible prizes (water challenge, food journal challenge, etc). We do have meet ups but you are not required to attend.

3. Is there a fee?

Yes and no. Yes-This is a new feature that worked well during our last challenge. To be eligible for prizes, receive more individualized support, recipes and more there is a small fee of $10- that’s only $5 a month! Similar fitness challenges can run $200-$300 AND require you to purchase products! This small fee covers the cost of postage and fees associated with sponsors/donations and website/administrative fees. No- You can also follow the TBMG Real Fit Mom Fitness Challenge page on Facebook to see the daily tips and motivation messages at no cost.

4. How do I join?

Simply fill out the Registration Form. Once you submit it, you will receive a welcome message with the Paypal information and a link to join the group (cash and checks also accepted). Click to join and you will be admitted into the group as soon as your payment has been verified. Registration is open until January 25th and spots are limited!

5. What will I get out of the group?

Immeasurable and positive support to pursue a fit and healthy lifestyle, motivation, inspiration, fitness coach (that’s me!), healthy recipes, fitness humor, new friendships, powerful personal development and chances to win some fabulous prizes. I will also have some special guests pop in from time to offer additional support and answer questions.

6. How do I gain entry to win prizes?

Prizes are only for those who pay the fee for the private Facebook group. Each week, a new challenge will be “pinned” at the top of the page. Example: if it’s a water challenge, you will post a picture of you and/or your water bottles throughout the week. Each Saturday I will put all of the names in a bowl and draw one in a video.

7. Will people be able to see my posts in the group?

No. The group is set to “closed” while registration is open. Once registration closes, the setting will be changed to “private.” My fitness groups are NEVER public. Sharing posts and pictures to anyone outside of the group is strictly forbidden and cause for removal from the group with no refund.

8. How can someone become a sponsor?

I am always looking for new sponsors!Send an email to with “Sponsor information” in the subject line and I’ll send out the sponsorship packet.

9. How long does the challenge run?

The challenge begins January 15th but registration is open until the 25th. Each challenge is 60 days and this one ends on March 15th.

I am so excited for this challenge to begin and can’t wait for you to meet my incredibly amazing, fabulous, over-worked and under-paid staff of wonderfully dedicated admins. I couldn’t do these challenges without their help!

Who’s ready to get fit and healthy this winter?!

Legal babble- Tampa Bay Moms Group and Real Fit Mom are not responsible for any injuries that may happen during the challenge. Kathryn (aka Real Fit Mom) is not a certified personal trainer or nutritionist (just a mom who has been on her fitness journey for nine years and is passionate about helping others). There is no guarantee. If you don't put the work into it, you won't get the results out of it. Kathryn can only do so much to motivate you!

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