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Raise a glass of wine to Earth’s “mysterious twin” during Vino with Venus at MOSI

What happens when Vino and Venus collide? Find out as you sip wine and gaze at Earth’s “mysterious twin” atop MOSI’s IMAX® DOME during Vino with Venus.

Tampa, Florida – Take in the IMAX® film Hubble, then sample wine under the stars in one of Tampa’s most unique places – the top of MOSI’s iconic Florida Hospital IMAX® DOME Theatre – as you gaze through telescopes at one of 2017’s best and rarest views of Venus.

Enjoy Vino with Venus on January 21, 2017 from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Museum of Science & Industry.

Admission includes the award-winning film Hubble on MOSI’s five-story tall screen, plus delicious wine tastings, light snacks, and desserts. MOSI’s expert astronomers will use high-grade telescopes to share views of Venus at its “greatest elongation,” when it is far from the Sun and appears as a stunning crescent in the sky.

“Venus shares its name with the Roman goddess of beauty and love – and there’s no doubt it is beautiful – but Venus is also one of the most hostile places in our entire Solar System,” said Prof. Antonio Paris, MOSI’s Director of Space Programs.

Swirling clouds of poisonous sulfuric acid hide Venus’ surface, where temperatures average a stunning 864 degrees Fahrenheit, hot enough to melt lead. Astronomers have considered Venus to be our planet’s “mysterious twin,” because Venus is almost identical in size to Earth, but rotates the opposite way – a mystery that scientists still can’t fully explain.

Reserve tickets now at Admission to Vino with Venus is $25 for adults, or $20 for MOSI Members. Child care is available for toilet-trained children ages 4 to 13, or children 5 and older may attend the event and sample food and juice boxes. Child care or child admission is $15 per child, or $10 for MOSI Member children.

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