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A Years Worth of Resolutions.

I love the New Year. I do. I really do. It's like a reset. It's full of hope and promise and most people feel like a new chance or a fresh start but I don't think of it that way. To me it's a continuation but one full of opportunities that you may have been blind or just hesitant to in the past.

Maybe that's why I'm not usually one to make resolutions. It always feels like a lot of unnecessary pressure. Like that sparkler you light on New Year's eve it is so bright until it fizzles out. If you don't accomplish them was the last year a failure? Seems extreme right? So rather than one bug resolution I rather just try to make little changes that make life better and I don't need to wait for a new year to do it. Besides I tend to be a pretty happy person but there's always room for improvement. So this year I'm taking my constant desire to make small changes for the better and resolving to try to make at least one change each week for a year so this way I have an actual deadline because my follow through isn't always what I'd like it to be. The idea is that by 2018 some of these small goals will have become habits and these habits will make a better life and me.

For example, I have been wanting to be more health and environmentally conscious which all sort of go hand in hand. I'm trying to eat better which cuts out GMOs and will impact my health as well as the environment. I want to give more to charities and organizations that help others so by de-cluttering my home I will have more to donate and by buying fewer things I will have more to give and it will also help keep things neater and more organized and improve my emotional health and mood. You'll notice I don't say I want to lose weight (which I do) because if I make healthy life changes and I don't lose weight I don't want to feel like I didn't reach my goal. But if I make these changes then I should lose weight but the goal is the changes themselves and individually the changes are small but should make a big impact.

Still, a list of 52 small (well, maybe not all small) changes is not going to be easy. Some that seem simple may even be the most difficult (no soda from drinking an embarrassing amount of big gulps each day seems daunting). So the idea is that each week to have started at least one new goal or done something to further a goal that I already started so if I'm feeling ambitious I can get a head start or even do more than one (since many go perfectly together) but no matter when start they should have a domino effect and in theory these small things should be a total life change withing 52 weeks. So let's say this week I go with clean eating but I don't want to be wasteful I may start some clean eating practices but it may take me a few weeks to get to where my whole pantry is clean foods (let's be honest... that may not ever happen but it's a nice goal and if I make a noticeable change and at least have our main meals be "clean" I'll be satisfied.)

I fully expect this to be a learning process with some progress and some regression but that's the point of goals. It should be something attainable but also something that makes you work. Besides few things that are worth it are easy. And I will be trying to use Facebook less so I will document my progress here occasionally and on Instagram (if you are terribly bored you can follow me at steffy813).

So here are my 52 resolutions.

  1. Stay positive.

  2. Find the good in everything.

  3. Do one kind thing for someone else each day.

  4. Donate more.

  5. Volunteer more.

  6. Advocate more.

  7. Share more.

  8. Complain less.

  9. De-clutter.

  10. Spend money on experiences and things that make memories.

  11. Play more.

  12. Eat more dinners together.

  13. Cuddle more.

  14. Laugh more.

  15. Show love more.

  16. Smile more.

  17. Listen more.

  18. Talk less.

  19. Unplug more.

  20. Stop drinking soda.

  21. Drink more water.

  22. Eat less.

  23. Eat cleaner.

  24. Eat less meat.

  25. Eat more veggies.

  26. Eat less sugar.

  27. Eat more fruit.

  28. Go for more walks.

  29. Exercise more.

  30. More yoga and Mediataion.

  31. Focus more on my health.

  32. Read more.

  33. Listen to music more.

  34. Limit Facebook and other social network time.

  35. Craft more.

  36. Finish projects.

  37. Reduce my amount of trash and waste.

  38. Reuse or Re-purpose items when I can.

  39. Recycle more.

  40. Spend more time outdoors.

  41. Don't buy things that aren't needed.

  42. Fix things that are broken.

  43. If it can be fixed get rid of it.

  44. If it won't be used frequently get rid of it.

  45. Learn something new.

  46. Work smarter and not harder

  47. Take more time off.

  48. Do more things for me.

  49. Connect with others in real life more.

  50. Say no more.

  51. Show gratitude more.

  52. Worry less.

  53. Ok, I'm adding an extra one here... Be present more.

So here it is. Here is to a New Year of great changes, a happier, healthier life, a better environment and hopefully a chance to be as I always encourage people to do... Be the change they want to see,

So if you are the type to make resolutions or not hopefully you find ways each week or even each day to make your life and the life and world of those around you a little better.

Here's to you and a fantastic 2017!

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