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Elf on the Shelf my A$$! (& Giveaway!)

Ok, the title of this post sounds harsh. Don't get me wrong. I love the Elf on the Shelf. Sure I've stressed out trying to come up with cute and creative ways for him to be found in the morning and I have woken up in the middle of more than one night in a panic stumbling downstairs to move him after forgetting but really, he represents all that I love about the Holidays. He is the belief in the unbelievable. He's the faith in something just because magic can exist. He's the idea that putting others happiness ahead of your own is what makes you happy. I LOVE the Elf even in spite of his obscenely overpriced accessories but...

That little bastard does NOT stay on the shelf. Sure that may be where he started off but he, his friends, their pets are no more on the shelf than Elton John is in the closet. Not only is he not on the shelf but he's in the pantry, up the tree and sometimes literally swinging from chandeliers!

Just when I thought my well of creative elf placements ideas has almost run dry I hit the internet. Thanks to Pinterest and this post (and the hundreds of others)there is an ever growing source of elfspiration! And we want your help to add to that!


Comment below with why you love that darn elf!

Then share your awesome Elf placements photos ON OUR FACEBOOK POST HERE!,

We will pick our favorites and add them to our Elfspiration Album here!

Out of those we will select one winner who will receive an

Elves at Play Kit to help you with your elf antics!

Entry Period Ends 11/24/16

Winner will be selected by 11/28/16

Need some ideas of what we are looking for? Here are some I've done. You're photos don't have to be original they just have to be yours!

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