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ProntoWash is an eco-friendly car wash and detailing company. The owners of Westshore, Brandon and Citrus park mall locations are Scott and Della Wyler. They are longtime Tampa Bay residents and love the community they live in. They are also parents of two young boys (ages 2 and 4). In 2014 they were looking to start or buy a small business. In their search they came across ProntoWash at Citrus Park Mall, and immediately fell in love with the concept. As working parents they wanted something that they could do while still working their other jobs. They also wanted something that could become a company that they can build a name with in the community they love. They especially liked the convenience of the service that was offered by ProntoWash and the fact that the services are waterless (unlike traditional 'car washes' which waste a lot of water.) The products that they use are also all eco-friendly. They closed on the purchase of the Citrus Park location in July of 2014 which just so happened to be about two weeks before their son Levi was born.

Since then, they have opened two more locations in the Tampa Bay area: Brandon Mall (November 2015) and Westshore Plaza (April 2016).

For the month of October on Tuesday’s Tampa Bay Moms Group members will receive 10% off their services at the Westshore Mall Location.​

Several Tampa Bay Moms Group members have been able to experience ProntoWash already and have been very satisfied with their experience. The company is professional, eco-friendly and does an amazing job at cleaning out whatever mess you or your little ones leave behind. Recently I had an opportunity to get my car detailed. I spend a LOT of time in my car. I have two boys who consistently feel the need to eat in the car and manage to completely miss their mouths.

Here is some evidence of their inability to completely miss their mouths.

I took my car into the ProntoWash Westshore location where I got to meet the manager Kelly. She was very friendly upon my arrival and eager to get started on my car. However, before that could happen we needed to get my son’s car seat out which I am not always the best at. Fast forward 20 minutes later, three calls to my husband, tugging and pulling on the car seat, stopping for a minute because it was literally over a hundred degrees in my car by this point and two very sweaty people we were finally successful at getting the car seat out. Then everything seemed to go in slow motion as the car seat tipped and all sorts of leftover food tumbled out of his car. I mean chocolate, peanuts, chips and even a carrot (at least I think at one point it was a carrot). In shear embarrassment tears started to swell in my eyes but Kelly didn’t flinch. She just moved the car seat out of the way and got to work on my car. Her professionalism and kindness was uncanny and just what a hard working mom with a messy car needed at that moment.

One of the things I really like about ProntoWash is that I get to shop at the mall all while they clean my car. So instead of just sitting in a random waiting area I get to conquer other tasks. It took about two hours to complete the job and when I arrived back I was amazed. In just a few short hours my car was literally in almost factory condition again. Seats were cleaned of their water, juice and probably some spit stains knowing my rambunctious boys. All crumbs from every nook and cranny of the car were gone. From the steering wheel, to the tires, to even the seat belts were cleaned spotless. In disbelief I looked at my car over and over again. I also like that the products they use to clean my car don’t leave a terrible smell so I was able to hop in my car and go without being fumed out.

Getting my car cleaned at ProntoWash Westshore was a great experience. My only advice is to plan to spend a few hours there. For some of us that isn’t an issue where for others it is. I know that the good work they do requires time so patience is a must. However, that wouldn’t deter me from getting my car cleaned with them. It is worth the time and price to come home with a clean/like new car. Now if only my children could help keep it clean…

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