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Get Boo-ed!

It's time to start TBMG's Annual Tradition of helping Boo Tampa Bay!

We have been doing this for several years and it's a lot of fun! Plus finding other TBMG families as you trick or treat is always cute.

So how do you Boo someone? 1. It's so easy. Just print out 2 copies of the flyer (black and white or color, it doesn't matter)

2. Leave one flyer and a treat on a neighbors door (or even a coworkers desk or kids may want to spread the spirit at school)!!! You can make goody bags or leave dollar store goodies, snacks, even a tiny pumpkin. Get creative!

3. Then the people you booed each do the same and Boo two more people and it goes from there!

4. Once you are Boo-ed be sure to hang the left half of the flyer on your door or where all can see!

5, Pass it around from October First until the 31st!

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