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New Hanna Andersson opening!

On September 22, Tampa Bay Moms Group moms attended a VIP Event for the preview of the new Hanna Andersson opening at the Tampa Premium Outlet mall. Each attendee received a canvas bag and a pair of red and white striped pajamas. Moms, dads and grandparents were also lavished with Gigi's mini cupcakes, sparkling cider and Hanna Andersson mini bottles of water. Guests were greeted by the friendly staff from corporate as well as the new employees who were all very attentive and helpful. Adorable outfits hung from racks across the floor and along the walls. Cute pajamas in whimsical prints for both little boys and girls grabbed the attention of several moms. Sales were spread across the store causing ladies to grab amazing deals for their little ones and several gift cards were given away.

As a mom of three girls with different personalities, I loved the wide variety of prints and colors available. Skirts and dresses were alongside shorts and pants making it a one stop shop for girly girls and tomboys. The accessories for girls were too good to resist!

Many of our moms have boys so I spent more time on that side of the store wishing my 12 year old son was still little. I found so many cute outfits and pajamas perfect for any boy. TBMG owner, Steffany, had her arms full for her little one! TBMG Real Fit Mom challenge participant, Kelli, made a beeline for the trainers which have received high reviews for potty training kids. She also loved the Halloween pajamas she found in the front of the store.

Of my four kids, only my ten year old can still fit into the sizes in the store but there are options for adults online along with bedding, outerwear and more. The prices are medium to high and this weekend for sure you will see some great sale prices. The clothes seem very high quality and the material is extremely soft. The check out line was long and filled with many happy faces so I'd say this sneak peek was a grand slam. Be sure to make your way there this weekend and show them some Tampa support!

Don't forget to like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter and Instagram- @happyhannas #ilovemyhannas

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