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6 Reasons to Consign (and buy!)

6 Reasons to Consign (and buy!) Gently Used Children's Items through Consignment Events

1. Save Money!

This is probably the most obvious reason. When you shop consignment you can get great deals on quality gently used items that are just as good as brand new for a fraction of the price. This is especially true for newborn and infant items that are barely used since babies outgrow them very quickly. Look for organizations that only accept items in great condition so you know you can expect to find quality items.

2. Make Money!

When you consign, the process is easy and simple. You set your own prices, tag your items in the comfort of your own home, drop off your items and they do the rest. It sure beats having a garage sale, sitting in your driveway in the hot sun trying to haggle over 25 cents!

3. Make a difference.

When you consign you give back to your community. You can help fellow mom's and dad's purchase necessities for their kids at prices they can afford. When you shop you help fellow mom's and dad's recoup money from gently used items that they can then put toward up-sizes for quickly growing kids! Plus many items that are not sold are donated within the community. You can collect your unsold items, but if you're like me you are more likely to drive around for 6 months with those boxes of donation items in the back of your car. Your trunk will thank you!

4. Less Chemicals.

Did you know that brand new clothes come laden with harsh chemical byproducts left behind from the manufacturing process? Previously loved items have been washed several times saving you time and protecting you sweet little ones from unnecessary toxins on their skin. Plus they're already broken in and comfortable. Who doesn't like nice comfy clothes?

5. Set a Good Example.

Teaching children good Financially responsible is an important life lesson that they will never forget. Get the kids involved in the process. Do they have toys they don't play with anymore? Do they have way more than enough books? Maybe they can consign a few of their own items. Getting them involved with the process will get them excited to learn how to earn, save, and spend wisely.

6. Declutter.

This is the perfect opportunity to clear the closets and garage before the holiday season and score some extra spending money for gifts.


Another Time Around is the original resale event that has been in business for over 10 years in Pinellas County. We all know how quickly children outgrow their items and how expensive these items are in retail stores! Consignment is a great way to make money and recycle quality gently used and outgrown children's clothing, furniture, toys and baby equipment. Our goal is to provide an opportunity within our community to buy great children's items for over ½ off the retail cost.

We hope you'll consider participating in our upcoming consignment event! Here's what you need to know.

When can I shop?

When: Saturday, October 8 – 9am-4pm

Sunday, October 9 – 10am-4pm (50% off sale)

Early Shopping is open to Consignors, Volunteers and Vendors

Friday, October 7 and Saturday, October 8. 5pm-8pm.

Where: Bardmoor Golf and Tennis Club

8001 Cumberland Road, Largo, FL 33777

How do I become a consignor?

It’s easy! Just visit our website to register.

How can I help?

Invite your friends to get involved and you can make even more money! In addition to consigning you can participate by volunteering. There are lots of opportunities to volunteer at this event. Volunteers get exclusive access to early shopping (see below for times) and it’s a great way to meet new families in the community. Plus, all items that are not sold at the end of the event have the option to be donated to The Pinellas County Foster & Adoptive Parents Association. What a great way to give back!

Do you have vendor opportunities?

Yes! Do you have a business with parents or children as your target market? Another Time Around offers vendor tables for small business owners (for a fee). We will only accept one consultant from each mom-based business so vendors will not be competing within themselves We also offer the option to have your flyers or brochures added to shopping bags.

For more information call or email

Phone: (727) 488-4109

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