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Zika... What do you know about it?

I'm a worrier I have 4 kids and I'm always worried something will happen. I worry about child abductions, traffic accidents, random shootings and yes... even disease. I try to stay informed on current dangers while at the same time not over researching because I could easily fixate and drive myself crazy. So when it comes to the Zika virus I try to be just as informed as I need to without getting obsessed.

For me that means being aware of high risk areas but avoiding statistics on actual infections. It's a hard like to straddle, wanting to be in the now and not being terrified and it's often a line I have to step across at some point. Sometimes you have to immerse yourself in the info or stay oblivious. Thankfully for me right now that's not the case with Zika yet... but I am a little more than mildly concerned.

Because it's already a concern when a member messaged us and asked "Would you mind starting a discussion? I'm curious how everyone in the area feels about the Zika virus. Being currently pregnant with my third I was scared. Until I started trying to research the issue." I sympathized fully. I often gauge my level of worry and panic on the worry and panic of others. But this member was doing what she could to learn more and ease her stress. She shared with us the story about Brazil admitting the birth defect increase is not due to Zika ( and another which says the Zika Pesticide is linked to autism. ( ).

Again, I will admit that I do not know much about Zika outside of what has been on mainstream news and what I've read from the CDC which doesn't exactly align with the links our member found but there is a LOT of info going around so in the midst of that there is going to be some misinformation and while I am no conspiracy theorist I also don't think that the CDC will be fully honest if there is a benefit to withholding information (such as avoiding a mass panic, etc) from the general public. That being said they seem to be giving us pretty staggering statistics and info so I don't feel there is much they are holding back. I could be totally wrong.

Schools in South Florida are providing students with long sleeve shirts and pants. You know when a Floridian is strutting around in full body covering as recommended by the state in 100 degree temps.. it's getting serious. When cities themselves that thrive on tourism are making public statements that could detrimentally effect their income in an effort to avoid further infections and spread I take notice and I think we all should too. That doesn't mean go crazy searching through relatively unknown medical websites and taking everything at face value but it does mean maybe becoming a little more aware of what is happening and how to protect yourself.

My limited knowledge of Zika consists of it makes you sick, causes birth defects and to cover up and avoid mosquito bites and Miami. See, I'm certainly no expert. So as I looked for this member I too found a lot of scary information going around and a lot of it is contradictory. For me personally I'm going to err on the side of caution and assume that the CDC has it right and do what I can to protect my family such as not leave standing water around our home, cover up and use insect repellent or better yet avoid being outside at dawn and dusk when mosquitoes are most active and stay away from places prone to mosquitoes like lakes and wooded areas. Since this is advice we should generally follow anyway just to avoid mosquito born infections and illness (not to mention those annoying bites that itch like crazy) I don't feel it to be an imposition or change in my way of life. I don't know all the details on Zika and I'm not terrified but I'm concerned enough to be careful. ( )

So what do you know about Zika? Are you worried? Are you taking any extra precautions?

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