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The truth about Farmer's Markets

Last weekend my family and I went to a "Farmer's Market" for the first time. I'd always heard great things about them and was hoping for a great experience. The kids really enjoyed picking out their fruit while my husband read each sign to see where it came from. We try to stick with things grown in Florida or the US and stay away from those grown in other countries. We were actually a bit surprised to see so many foreign grown produce.

We came home, washed everything and the kids tried a baby banana, nectarine and peach. Two days later, most of the fruit was rotten!!! We've bought fruit from Publix for years and never had this happen. So, I did what we all do in today's society, I asked on Facebook if this was normal. Some said yes, some said no, I received some very eye opening articles and one of my cousins told me to grow my own (which I replied with a picture of the amazing garden my husband started 3 weeks ago).

It turns out, most farmer's markets aren't what we think. Yes, some have locally grown produce but many are from the rejects Publix and Wholefoods have already picked through. Some are from who knows where as one reporter discovered as he tried to track down the farms when he asked sellers where their goods came from.

These are pretty lengthy articles so make sure you have some time. They are extremely informative and very eye-opening.

Farm to Fable You're being fed fiction

Tampa Bay Farmers' Markets are lacking in just one thing, local farmers

Have you found any legitimate markets with local produce? Where do you buy the majority of your fruits and veggies from?

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