Jul 11, 2017

New Forum


I'm pretty excited to finally share our new forum. It's always hard when we make a change... especially one of this size that causes us to lose old posts. It really came down to a decision of do we want to make the forum fresher, more mobile friendly and easier to use or keep the older dated one. It really wasn't a hard choice. But then came the hard decision... do we spend countless hours, hire more staff and drive ourselves crazy to move everything from the older platforms over or do we start from scratch?


Tough because we had thousands of posts, each one was a member taking the time to ask or answer questions, give input or support and saying good by to that is not easy BUT neither is moving those thousands of posts. So for our sanity we decided if we are going to get a fresh page we can just make a fresh start.


With the time it took to move finish this site and forum (and we can all agree it is much prettier and more modern than the older site and forum) it did force a lot of members to connect in our facebook groups... and those groups aren't going anywhere. SO is there really a need for an online forum anymore? We will find out but for years TBMG has been the largest social and event site with the largest local forum and we figure giving moms as many options to connect as possible has worked so far so why stop now. I've made friends for life through our forum and I hope to keep that up and provide that to others.


So if you are reading this you are on our new forum. I hope you enjoy it.

Let me know what you think, if you have any suggestions or any questions.

I look forward to connecting with you!


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