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4 Body Changes and Struggles Women Face After Giving Birth


There’s probably nothing as beautiful and rewarding as giving birth and holding your newborn in your arms. However, pregnancy changes a woman’s body, and usually not in a good way. Some of these changes disappear once the pregnancy is over, but others stick with you long afterwards, and some even for good. These post-pregnancy changes are something quite common and can cause various problems which can affect not only your body and mind, but your life as well. Here are some of these changes and struggles and ways to deal with them.



Back pain

Many women face continuous and sometimes severe back pain after giving birth. One reason for that is the hormone called relaxin, which your body releases while you’re pregnant. Its role is to relax your pelvis ligaments and your joints, making your body more flexible. This allows your baby to pass through your birth canal more easily. The problem occurs when this process leads to inflammation and back pain. Luckily, the relaxin-caused issues should subside during the first couple of months after your pregnancy, since that’s when the hormone levels normalize. Some other causes of back pain include lifting your baby often while taking care of them, or even bad posture throughout your pregnancy. To stay on the safe side, visit your doctor, but also try some moderate exercises to stretch and lose any extra weight.


Shoe size

This is also a frequent issue with new mothers. It tends to happen for two reasons. One of them is weight gain which can flatten the arch of your foot, making it about half a shoe size bigger. The other reason is the above-mentioned hormone, relaxin. Namely, as it relaxes the ligaments and joints in the rest of your body, it doesn’t skip your feet either. It can make them looser and spread them a bit wider. The downside to this is that this is almost exclusively a permanent change and something you should get used to. Having to buy shoes in a larger size is something you should accept, since not even losing your weight can shrink your feet back to what they were before you got pregnant.



Breast problems

Your breasts go through a whole range of changes during and after your pregnancy. As they fill with milk, they become bigger, harder and sometimes very painful. Warm towels or cooling packs may provide some relief, but also feeding your baby more frequently or pumping out your milk, so that your breasts don’t fill with too much milk. You may also experience sore nipples and pain while breastfeeding, as well as leaking breasts, which happens when they overfill with milk. Again, feeding your baby more often might help, since they won’t suck as greedily if they aren’t too hungry. Also, choosing quality maternity bras which aren’t too tight can ease the pain. And since feeling pain while feeding your newborn can mean you’ve developed an infection, you should see your doctor, so that they can give you medicines and creams to help you.



Urinary issues

While you’re pregnant, your baby usually presses hard on your bladder, which forces you to go to the bathroom more often. Even though this problem should vanish after you’ve given birth, another similar issue can arise. Namely, during your delivery you could experience some extreme pressure on your urethra, and this can make urinating after birth very unpleasant and hard. Also, you could get a urinary infection, or lose some of the control over your bladder due to the stretching and weakening of your muscles while giving birth, which could lead to urinal leaks. In some cases, there’s even damage to the bladder nerves and its supporting tissue, causing a prolapse of the pelvic floor. If this happens, try doing some kegel exercises for strengthening your pelvic floor muscles, or see your doctor for advice and treatment.


After the changes your body goes through during your pregnancy, it would be unreasonable to expect it to return to normal as soon as the baby’s born. And while sometimes time does all the work, you might have to invest some effort into getting your body back in shape, with some diet and exercises and your doctor’s valuable advice.

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  • wrightannisla
    Aug 9

    Pregnancy is the time when your body will go through changes like never before. It will grow and stretch and your organs will literally reorganize within your body to accommodate for the baby. These are all major changes which will be reflected on your skin. From the popular “pregnancy glow” to stretch marks and breakouts, here’s how to care for your skin every step of your pregnancy and make sure you spend the nine months looking great. Eat the right foods We all know that pregnant women have cravings that aren’t always the healthiest nor the best for the skin. It’s often a lot of sugar, fried and pickled foods and other things that aren’t necessarily healthy. You need to control your cravings as much as possible to make sure that the foods you’re eating are fuel and not junk. Eating processed foods will make your face oilier and lots of sugar will make you break out even more. Try to keep you diet clean and balanced, with as many whole foods as you can fit in. When you get a craving, focus on texture rather than flavor. If you feel like eating some chips, grab some carrot and celery sticks dipped in humus for the crunch, or keep some popcorn nearby. Stay hydrated Remember that water is the most important ingredient in our bodies, and we want to drink as much as possible to make sure everything in our system is running smoothly. Water not only lubricates your body and replenishes you from the inside out, but it also aids digestion, which is something a lot of pregnant women have problems with, considering there’s a baby sitting on your bowels. It will also help when your skin starts to stretch to minimize the appearance of stretch marks. Change your skincare routine During your pregnancy, your hormones are all over the place, and that means your skin might become a completely different type. You want to visit a dermatologist and consult with them to find the best skincare for pregnancy that suits you . It will be free from any ingredients that can influence hormone production, because you don’t want anything interfering with the baby’s development by disturbing hormones. You’ll be safest if you use 100% natural, vegan and organic products, but everything is on the table as long as the ingredients are safe. Treat your skin You want to be really generous with your skin in this period. Pamper it like you never had before if you want it to stay clear and be taught and glowing. Firstly, take some time to learn how to make face masks from scratch. It’s usually a very simple process and you can make them from things you probably have at home, like honey, lemon juice, avocado and coconut oil. You want to find the right combination that will keep your skin hydrated and nourished. If you’re getting breakouts, mashing an aspirin and combining it with a little bit of water to create a paste is a safe way to reduce inflammation and swelling. Stress control We all know that stress hormones can make your skin break out. And when you’re pregnant – especially for the first time – there’s going to be a lot of stress. Every time your breasts leak and you don’t have a change of clothes, every time you can’t reach your shoes over your belly and when jeans you just bought don’t fit anymore. It’s okay, take some deep breaths. Pregnancy yoga is a great way to get rid of stress and learning not to get fussed over small things is a very important skill to have after the kids are born. The famous “pregnancy glow” comes from your blood vessels expanding and your skin becoming tighter and plumper. It’s not really a chemical change to the skin, as much as what’s going on underneath. But keep in mind that this doesn’t happen to all pregnant women, and if your skin is more dripping with oils than glowing – that doesn’t mean that you or your baby aren’t healthy and that anything is wrong – it just means your skin reacts differently. So take care and pamper your skin and it will make you feel better, no matter how it looks.
  • wrightannisla
    Jul 5

    Deciding to get pregnant and have a baby is probably the most important decision you will have to make. One of the biggest questions that arise is what are the ideal years? Certainly, there are differences between getting pregnant in your 20s and 30s. The opinion “the younger the better” is definitely the most popular one. However, there are many benefits and advantages of getting pregnant in your 30s, which don’t exist when you are younger. The health and fertility aspect There is no doubt that women in their 20s get pregnant easily. All the hormones and reproductive parts are still young and healthy, and it is easier on your body to go through everything. However, the 30s are not that different and you don’t have to fear whether you will ever have a child since your fertility levels will not drop significantly. Healthy women in their 30s still have a great chance of getting pregnant. One more thing worth talking about is that the biological clock doesn’t affect only women. Men too, experience a decrease in sperm count and semen quality, so it is important to talk about pregnancy tips for men , as well. Those include age, weight, physical activity, smoking and drinking habits, and overall health condition, which should be regularly checked. Chances of getting twins This question is something many women are interested in, and here are some facts you should know. Another proof that women in their 30s have high chances of getting pregnant is that the likelihood of getting twins rises. This is due to higher FSH hormone levels, which is responsible for the development of eggs while they are still not released from the ovaries. Other factors responsible for higher chances of a twin pregnancy are family history, weight, race, etc. A history of non-identical twins in your family can also mean you have a higher chance of getting them, as well. Women who have a BMI over 30 are also more likely to conceive twins because extra fat leads to higher levels of estrogen, which stimulates the ovaries. As for the race, African-Americans are more likely to conceive multiples than Caucasian and Asian women. Fertility treatments are also one of the ways you can get twins or triplets because they can boost ovulation. Stability and emotional maturity Emotional maturity varies, and it doesn’t have to depend on our age; however, it is still an important part of getting pregnant . It is affected by many factors, besides the changes in our brain. The way we grew and how independent we are, as well as our desire to learn and create new experiences. Taking all this into consideration, we can safely say that the 20s are risky years to get pregnant, based on that maturity factor. Life experience alone is an important part of conceiving a new life, and you simply have more of it by the time you reach your 30s. Besides, when we are young, we have fewer fears, less long-term plans, and less responsibility in life. One more aspect to be considered is the unfinished physical development during our 20s that proves we are maybe just not ready. The benefits of modern medicine Breakthroughs in medicine happen all the time, and thanks to them, we are now living longer lives. This is one reason why the guilt in people who want to have a child before it is too late is not as expressed as it used to be. There is also no more of that fear that we will not be there to watch our children grow. The prolonged life expectancy and medical advancements are reasons enough to show us that there isn’t a rush. Regardless of your personal beliefs, it is good to know that there are fertility treatments that enable women in their 40s and 50s to get pregnant. This certainly brings hope to anyone who is still deciding or simply not ready. Having a baby is definitely not an easy choice to make. The pressure from our biological clock that keeps ticking can even rush us into decisions we are not happy with. This is why it is important to know all the facts about getting pregnant in your 30s because it will show you that it can still be done in a healthy way for you and the baby and that it will still be a magical life experience.
  • kmcelligott87
    Sep 26

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