Jul 18

5 Ways to Get Over Mommy Guilt


Being a mom is one of the greatest gifts you can get. But that doesn’t mean that there’s any reason to feel guilty when you finally have to leave for work. Mommy guilt is a terrible concept that can really affect you mentally, and then influence other areas of your life negatively as well. Mommy guilt can happen too easily over the littlest of things, let alone going back to work. And with so many responsibilities you already have, you really don’t need to shoulder this as well. Nor is there any reason to. If you feel like you’re succumbing to mommy guilt, consider the following points.



1. There’s no “I should” for anything

Are you doing the best you can? That’s more than enough. It’s enough for your child and it’s enough for work. New moms tend to trap themselves into thinking that they should do so many different things and complete so many different tasks in a day that it’s no wonder mommy guilt can come creeping in and slowly consuming you. But who actually said that you should do something this or that way? Who said that you need to complete that amount of tasks in one day? Forget about should and focus on what you can.


2. Forget about long-term thinking

Long-term success happens when you deal with short-term goals and short-term way of thinking. In that respect, stop putting too many future goals and obligations in front of yourself. Focus on each day instead. That way, you’ll be able to manage your workdays a lot better and more efficiently while actually getting to enjoy personal time with your child and family afterwards. Take holidays, vacations and weekends as they come. After all, there’s really no point in worrying yourself sick about the guests you’ll have two weeks from now or the family weekend a whole month away. It’s OK to take things slowly.


3. Put your trust in a renowned day care centre

One of the most difficult transitions in every mom’s life is the moment she has to leave her child for a few hours. But think about it – this is something so many other mothers have to do as well. You’re not alone in this and there’s no reason to feel guilty. After all, you’re returning to work for your child’s benefit. And if you don’t have anyone who could babysit during working hours, why not consider educational day care? Actually, due to their rising popularity, finding an early learning centre in Sydney that provides adequate care to young kids while also working on their childhood development is quite easy. You can go to work with peace of mind since your child will be in good hands.



4. Stay away from negative influences

Just like all people should stay away from toxic relationships in their inner circle in order to find happiness and inner peace, moms should be especially distant from other moms know-it-alls. Even though it sounds strange, mommy shamming is actually a thing and the worst thing is – it’s usually other moms that do the shamming. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. And you most definitely don’t need someone else hovering over you and your family life, telling you how to raise your kid or wipe a window clean. No one is perfect and it’s perfectly fine to do things the way they work for you and your family. There’s no guilt or shame in that.


5. Talk to your boss

Your boss should know that your priorities in life have changed with the arrival of your little bundle of joy. That doesn’t mean that you should slack off at work but it’s also quite natural that you don’t want to put in long hours or stay for drinks after work. If you’re upfront with your boss right from the start, they’ll understand your reasoning and new responsibilities. In that respect, you’ll know that you’ve actually made an effort to maintain the family life-work balance, which is very important for getting rid of mommy guilt completely.


If you find it difficult to wrap your head around things when work comes back into your life, try making lists and schedules. Keep in mind that no plan or schedule can always be 100% accurate, especially when you have a small child to take care of, but the list can help you get organized better. And with proper organization, you’ll have more time for everything and less time for feeling guilty over things you have no reason to feel guilty about. Being a mom is one of the greatest gifts you can get. But that doesn’t mean that there’s any reason to feel guilty when you finally have to leave for work. Mommy guilt is a terrible concept that can really affect you mentally, and then influence other areas of your life negatively as well. Mommy guilt can happen too easily over the littlest of things, let alone going back to work. And with so many responsibilities you already have, you really don’t need to shoulder this as well. Nor is there any reason to. If you feel like you’re succumbing to mommy guilt, consider the following points.



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  • wrightannisla
    Nov 5

    The moment you become a mom, your whole life changes. All of a sudden, your life is not about you, it’s about your kid, and no matter how old they get, when you have that title of “mom”, it comes before anything else. And as busy as you’re going to be, you’ll need some outfits to support you, so here are some trendy tips on how to be the most fashionable functional mom out there: Hands-free always No matter what you’re doing, you want your hands to be free to do other things. When you have a newborn, it means having a baby wrap to have your baby right there on your body without holding them in your arms. When they’re a bit older, it’s a stroller with plenty of functional space to store bags and toys. And when they start running around, it’s a backpack that will contain everything you need while allowing you to run right after them. If you need your things to be at arm’s reach at all times, consider a tight cross-body bag that will give you the same freedom of a backpack, but keep your things in front of you and easy to reach. Fanny packs are making a big comeback this season, and they’re perfect for storing the essentials you need with a kid, like tissues or a small snack. Comfortable footwear You’re not getting anywhere in those strappy sandals that are barely holding together. Your legs need to take you places and you need them in something functional and comfortable. If you’re a working mom, a good option for the warmer months are sneakers that look a bit more polished, like ones simulating oxfords. But when the weather gets colder, a pair of comfortable boots is the way to go. You want something that is easy to care for, that is appropriate for different occasions and that you can spend hours in without reaching for bandages. Don’t shy away from a bit of a heel either, because they can help you with your posture – something a lot of moms with young kids struggle with. Fake it You don’t want to spend all of your time in leggings. Sure, they might be very comfortable and will mold to your new body after having the baby, but spending all of your time in them won’t only make you look drab – it will make you feel drab. Just like how a bad hair day can get your spirits down, being in leggings can make you feel like all you’re supposed to do is lie around. But you can look chic without sacrificing comfort if you opt for jeggings and pants that look like regular tailored pants, but are actually very stretchy. Being in an outfit that looks put together and feels comfortable will make you feel like you can take over the world, all the while with a kid on your hip. Save the maternity clothes If you’re fresh out of pregnancy, you probably can’t wait to just jump back into your old clothes that you wore before the big belly. But as you’ll soon find out, you’ll be needing those for a while longer. Your body doesn’t just spring back to its pre-pregnancy look right after giving birth. It might never go back – and that’s okay. But especially in the first few months, you’ll still be wearing your maternity clothes. So all that money you invested in choosing the cute stuff – you’ll get a bit more worth out of it. Being a mom might sometimes make you feel like your needs and wishes don’t matter and that you don’t have to be well-dressed. But keeping your fashion sense and taking care of yourself while your baby is growing up will give them the guidance that self-care is important and that mom is a boss who can take care of anything that comes her way.
  • wrightannisla
    4 days ago

    Housework might just be the number one enemy of working mums. Besides having to take care of the kids, making sure that the meals are prepared every day and also being efficient at work, modern mums have to think about doing the housework as well. If you find this description accurate, know that you’re not alone, and many other mothers before you have found ways to make your life a lot easier. Here is some advice from experienced working mums to help relieve stress when it comes to housework duties. Clean up regularly to avoid cluttering It’s always a better strategy to clean less in more iterations than to spend a whole day cleaning and washing. By simply taking a soaked cloth and going through the room with it once or twice a week, you will definitely avoid having stashes of dust everywhere. Vacuuming more often is also welcome. Clutters of dishes can be especially annoying, so make sure you turn the dishwasher on at least three times a week. By avoiding clutter, you also avoid unwanted bacteria and allergens that might harm both you and your family. Cook several meals in advance If you’re in charge of family cooking, then you are well aware of how difficult and tiring everyday cooking can be. Instead of taking time to prepare a new meal every day, try making bigger batches that can be frozen and packed in the fridge for a couple of days . Making several meals at once can also be a time-saving hack, as long as you’re good at multitasking. This way, you will also save on energy bills since you won’t be turning the range on every day. It might be boring to eat the same meal two or three times a week, so you can make it more interesting by adding a different salad and dessert every day. Find yourself a laundry hack Laundry days are among the most time-consuming days of the week. Although it might seem easy to just throw some clothes into the washing machine and push a button in order for it to do all the work, the actual work begins after the washing machine finishes its part. Drying and ironing are never an easy job, especially if have a bigger family. So, what a crafty mum would do is find a way to make laundry duty easier by visiting a laundromat. Australian mums can rely on the service of an efficient laundromat in Randwick which enables all users to wash their clothes in an eco-friendly way and also dry them equally fast. Most laundromats work with coin machines, so all you have to do is bring your coins and your clothes in and relax by the big TV screen until the job is finished on its own. It’s okay to ask for help Although society might force you to think that your obligation is to do everything around the house, remember that you always have the choice to stick up for yourself. This doesn’t mean that you should rebel against all housework duties, but there’s also no shame in asking for help. Hiring a maid or a housekeeper to help keep the home clean by coming in once or twice a week can be a great investment in the long run. If you still find this option pricy, asking your household members, family and friends to help out is also an option. You can even make a game out of it and hand out rewards to those helper elves that did the best job. This is especially fun for kids , since they love feeling grown up and receiving rewards. Remember that keeping an open mind is the key to reorganizing your time so that you can have more of it to yourself. Nothing is written in stone, and neither are your chores, so embrace changes that will help you rest and recover.
  • wrightannisla
    Oct 23

    Being a mom is definitely one of the most difficult jobs. Juggling chores, responsibilities you have towards the kids – such as driving them to school, soccer (or any other) practice, managing to get them to the extracurricular activities – doing the shopping, and still having time for yourself is not an easy job. If you want to be a stylish mom, then the job is even harder. But how can you manage to be a stylish yet a successful mom? Take a look at these tips that are not only stylish, but also cool and quite comfortable. 1. Choose the colors wisely Basically, the first thing you need to do is keep your close neatly organized and choose the colors wisely. Why wisely? Well, first of all, you probably won’t have plenty of time to think about the color combination that you are going to rock, so keeping the colors plain, such as going for white, black, grey or some earthy tones is the safest option. If you want to incorporate a piece of clothing that bright, such as canary yellow, neon green or orange (which are huge right now), it is going to be much easier if you choose grey or black as the other color. 2. Know which pieces to go for Next up, there is always the problem of matching different pieces. Apart from choosing neutral colors that will make the dressing up and styling yourself easier, you should also opt for pieces that are simple yet that can be matched in many different ways. For example, having a pair of high waisted jeans in your closet will make your styling routine easier, as they are very versatile. If you choose to tuck your shirt or t-shirt in them, you will get a very professional yet laid-back style, but if you choose to untuck it, you have yourself a completely different look whatsoever. So, investing in them, and in other pieces that are versatile is the best possible idea.  3. Pay attention to your hair In order to make the most of your look, you need to pay attention to everything. If you are not satisfied with the choice of your clothes, for example, or if you think that they are too basic, then it means that you need to switch the focal point of your look onto something else. And is there anything better to shift your focus on than your hair? This is why you should pay attention to the state of your hair – invest in a good shampoo and conditioner, sometimes you might even use dry shampoo as first aid, and you will be good to go. When you have nice hair, you do not need to have a killer outfit. 4. Natural makeup As far as makeup is concerned, do not overdo it. You’re a mom, and you want to be a stylish but comfortable one. There is nothing comfortable with putting a lot of makeup on, so you should focus on natural makeup and nude colors. Having powder, SPF cream, mascara, and a lip gloss is more than enough, but if you want to be bold, you can always go with some light eye shadow and a signature lipstick, or the other way around. It is important to highlight one part of your face – so make it either your eyes or your lips. Highlighting the lips is easier and faster, which might be detrimental to your (lack of) time. 5. Opt for shirtdresses One great way to stay stylish, cool and comfortable at the same time while spending as little time as possible is by opting for shirtdresses. This is an amazing way to kill two birds with one stone, and not only will you look very cute and businessy, but comfortable as well, as we all know that wearing shirts is not the most comfortable piece of clothing out there. Match this with high heels and a nice hairstyle and there you go. 6. Accessorize it  As a final piece of advice, it would be time to take out all of the accessories that you might be having. Necklaces, bracelets, watches, rings and earrings are all amazing items that can make your look quite interesting and much more unique. Of course, pay attention to how much accessories you are going to wear, as overdoing it might kill your outfit. As you can see, it is not very difficult to be stylish and a mom with not so much time on her hands. Simply choose items that are practical and cool, and mind the colors. 

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