Jul 24, 2018

Stress response to crying




I don't think that i have ever experienced stress like that which occurs when i am holding a crying baby who will not stop. Maybe its because i am usually able to control my situation, or maybe because i have not felt the usual instant bonding with my babies that others feel - but i found the feelings that welled up in me of panic, of anger, of violence even, very upsetting. I have a high stress job usually and so never thought that this would happen to me. Suddenly In this situation my usual 'mild mannered janitor' character changed into a new and frightening 'hong kong fooey'. Has anyone else experienced this? I cannot be the only one. But the only things i see written are how the birth of children was the most wonderful experience and how it 'Changed my life forever'. No-one seems to mention the stress. Is there some kind of conspiracy of silence, or maybe i'm just very unusual...


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  • wrightannisla
    Sep 30

    Farming has been vital in history and it can make a significant contribution to a country’s economy. But since 1970, it seems that the number of dairy farms has dropped an unbelievable 90%, and there are fewer family farms as well. This is a shame, considering there are numerous benefits, not just for those with a family farm but for society as well. From being surrounded by nature and lovely domestic animals to earning money and at the same time contributing to your society, read about some reasons why starting a family farm is actually a very good and even prosperous idea. Healthy and organic food Giving your family healthy, organic food products is a wonderful gift, and those with a family farm know where their food comes from and what goes into it, which is more we can say for most people. We know that many prefer buying locally grown fruits and veggies, but farmers don’t need to buy from others – they grow their own plants and they are familiar with the whole process of growing them. In addition, family farms rarely use too many harmful chemicals, which is better for sustaining the soil. When the soil quality is low, that leads to a low quality of food as well. Therefore, we can say children of farmers get to enjoy more quality meals. Apart from plants, there are dairy products and eggs. There’s a theory that they are more delicious when they come from animals that are more appreciated and better-taken care of, which is certainly the case on a family farm. Since we’re already mentioning it, if you breed chicken for eggs, you may want to consider getting a chicken egg incubator , this being a very helpful piece of equipment. But before you choose the one with the best quality, you might want to conduct research and explore your options. Domestic animals Many become farmers because of their love for animals, and being surrounded by domestic animals is also very beneficial for children and you can expect them to have a healthier, happier and more fulfilling childhood. Having pets can be very rewarding, and if you have a bunch of animals on your farm, imagine how incredible that can be! Not only will your children be able to learn a lot from spending their time with these lovely creatures (they can develop empathy and learn how to be responsible, because they take care of their buddies), but different animals also come with different skills that are very useful for grown-ups. Beautiful scenery Cities can be very beautiful, but what’s more pleasant to look at – beautiful greenery which also offers you healthy fresh air or a traffic jam which can be terribly loud and tiring if you are a part of it? If you and your family live on a farm, you are surrounded by wonderful flora and fauna and you get to enjoy more nature than a city life can give you. Earn money by being your own boss Last but not least, farmers are their own bosses and they can earn a lot from agriculture and provide their family with everything they need without having to spend long hours in an office or a cubicle. They still need to invest in what they do and spend long hours working hard, but they can take advantage of being in nature more than many others. To conclude, farming can be very rewarding for so many reasons and it’s wonderful raising a family on a farm. Firstly, you get to delight in amazing products you used to take care of yourself. Secondly, being surrounded by domestic animals is magical, and so is the scenery. Lastly, you get to be your own boss. If you could never imagine yourself on a farm, maybe now you’ll change your mind.
  • wrightannisla
    Oct 14, 2018

    When you become a parent for the first time, you can get overwhelmed with joy, excitement and even stress you’ve built up in anticipation of that perfect moment, when you get to see your newborn, look them in the eye and fall completely in love with them. And since the first few months of nestlings’ lives can be very confusing or even scary, every new father could use some tips on how to be a good dad during that initial period. Take some time off work Although this option isn’t available to all fathers, certain countries allow men to take some time off once they become fathers. This usually means a slightly reduced salary during that period, but the time you’ll spend with your infant is priceless. It will help you get adjusted to the new situation, including all of its challenges, such as lack of sleep, listening to your baby crying and learning how to care for them. This time is also precious for getting to know your little one and creating a bond between the two of you from their earliest of age, one that will develop as your child grows, encourage them to trust you and always feel sheltered and loved around you. Learn the basics Becoming a parent changes your perception of the world and your priorities. All of a sudden, you have this little person you adore and want to keep safe at all cost. In order to be a truly loving and caring parent, you need to learn the basic things to keep them happy and healthy. For example, you should definitely know how to change their diapers or how to keep them snug inside a swaddle. Don’t let the baby’s mother be the only one who can bathe your child or put them to bed, but do your best to keep up with all these things by switching these tasks between the two of you, so that you can both do them equally well. This way you’ll have no problem calming your baby down or staying home alone with them. Being so attentive and providing both your partner and your child the support they need at this time is bound to get some cool Father's Day gifts in the years to come. Of course, that is not the reason you are doing the work, but it is definitely a cool bonus. Be around at feeding time Whether your baby is breastfed or they are given formula, you can always participate in their feeding, one way or another. If your nursling only has breast milk, make it your mission to be around whenever they’re fed. If nothing else, they will get used to your proximity and find it comforting, but you can actually help by doing research with your partner on how to increase their milk supply or finding out what foods are good and bad for lactation . And if your baby is bottle-fed, you can feed them yourself. All you have to learn is how to make the formula perfect, which isn’t that hard really, as well as how to be quiet and calm when you feed them during the night and how to burp them once they’ve eaten. Get used to the smelly stuff Nowadays, many dads learn how to change diapers even before their little ones are born. However, once you have to change your baby’s diaper, you realize that it’s not the same as what you practiced with a doll. This is especially true for the first few times your newborn poops, since it doesn’t really look like anything you might have seen before, or anything you might have anticipated. The colors and the textures will vary, but don’t let that worry or disturb you, since it’s perfectly normal. Expect your child to throw up on you, or even wee on you occasionally, so simply get used to all of it. It will probably be easier than you expected, since you’ll worship your little angel and things coming from them won’t bother you that much. Play with your newborn Though it may seem your infant doesn’t really notice much nor do anything interesting in their first few months, there is actually a lot going on in their little heads and they go through many changes during this period. If you stay close to them and communicate with them, it will be as much a gift to them as it will to you. It will bind you together and allow them to develop better. Talk to them, name the things that surround them, such as objects, smells, colors and sounds, be playful, use different emotions and funny voices when you speak to them and show your affection in any way you can think of. Each baby and each parent are a story of their own, there are no two that are completely the same, so when following these tips, always give your personal touch to everything you do, be gentle, loving and understanding and you’ll probably be doing it right.
  • timberjohn27
    Jul 24, 2018

    Hello, The concept is simple. We pay CS for many years. Hopefully kid goes off to good school. Kid asks for help. Mom often sends him to talk to dad. If we were married to mom and it was a healthy relationship, and that statement was made, mom & dad would discuss like adults, if dad handled it dad would lay down some ground rules, and either the kid abided, or lost the parental support. But alas, Ex's are often vengeful malicious types with entitlement issues, so they instead play the victim, talk about how dad screwed them, talk about how poor they are, and demand that you "get it from your dad, he's got all the money." So the issue is, what parameters does dad put around it to not get screwed.What, exactly, are the detailed terms of the Daddy Scholarship? Please help I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References: http://forum.mensdivorce.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=30979 Animated video service Thanks

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