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  • wrightannisla
    7 days ago

    The moment you become a mom, your whole life changes. All of a sudden, your life is not about you, it’s about your kid, and no matter how old they get, when you have that title of “mom”, it comes before anything else. And as busy as you’re going to be, you’ll need some outfits to support you, so here are some trendy tips on how to be the most fashionable functional mom out there: Hands-free always No matter what you’re doing, you want your hands to be free to do other things. When you have a newborn, it means having a baby wrap to have your baby right there on your body without holding them in your arms. When they’re a bit older, it’s a stroller with plenty of functional space to store bags and toys. And when they start running around, it’s a backpack that will contain everything you need while allowing you to run right after them. If you need your things to be at arm’s reach at all times, consider a tight cross-body bag that will give you the same freedom of a backpack, but keep your things in front of you and easy to reach. Fanny packs are making a big comeback this season, and they’re perfect for storing the essentials you need with a kid, like tissues or a small snack. Comfortable footwear You’re not getting anywhere in those strappy sandals that are barely holding together. Your legs need to take you places and you need them in something functional and comfortable. If you’re a working mom, a good option for the warmer months are sneakers that look a bit more polished, like ones simulating oxfords. But when the weather gets colder, a pair of comfortable boots is the way to go. You want something that is easy to care for, that is appropriate for different occasions and that you can spend hours in without reaching for bandages. Don’t shy away from a bit of a heel either, because they can help you with your posture – something a lot of moms with young kids struggle with. Fake it You don’t want to spend all of your time in leggings. Sure, they might be very comfortable and will mold to your new body after having the baby, but spending all of your time in them won’t only make you look drab – it will make you feel drab. Just like how a bad hair day can get your spirits down, being in leggings can make you feel like all you’re supposed to do is lie around. But you can look chic without sacrificing comfort if you opt for jeggings and pants that look like regular tailored pants, but are actually very stretchy. Being in an outfit that looks put together and feels comfortable will make you feel like you can take over the world, all the while with a kid on your hip. Save the maternity clothes If you’re fresh out of pregnancy, you probably can’t wait to just jump back into your old clothes that you wore before the big belly. But as you’ll soon find out, you’ll be needing those for a while longer. Your body doesn’t just spring back to its pre-pregnancy look right after giving birth. It might never go back – and that’s okay. But especially in the first few months, you’ll still be wearing your maternity clothes. So all that money you invested in choosing the cute stuff – you’ll get a bit more worth out of it. Being a mom might sometimes make you feel like your needs and wishes don’t matter and that you don’t have to be well-dressed. But keeping your fashion sense and taking care of yourself while your baby is growing up will give them the guidance that self-care is important and that mom is a boss who can take care of anything that comes her way.
  • wrightannisla
    Oct 25

    After nine months of struggling and waiting, your little one is finally here! Congrats! But, the hard part is not over yet. Until you get the hang of parenting, you might find yourself in many confusing and scary situations. Luckily, you can use this little guide that will help you take care of your baby and offer some practical tips you can use from day one. Ask for help Don’t hesitate to ask for help—it takes a village to raise a child! The first few weeks after birth can be very hectic, so you’ll benefit from some help. Many hospitals have experts who can teach you about feeding, handling and taking care of your little one. When you get home, you and your partner can consider getting a baby nurse or hire help to do chores around the house. Family and friends are also amazing helpers, especially those with kids of their own—they are a great source of baby tips and tricks. Learn how to handle your baby Many new parents find their kid’s fragility very scary. However, there are only a few things to remember when handling a baby. Make sure to support their head and neck when carrying or laying them down. Also, when placing them in any sort of carrier, stroller or seat, ensure they are securely fastened. Everyone who handles the baby needs to wash their hands beforehand—babies don’t have a strong immune system yet and they are susceptible to infections. Swaddle your bundle of joy Swaddling is a great way to calm your child and a very easy technique to learn. A proper swaddle will keep your infant’s arms next to the body and allow small movement of the legs. This position provides safety and warmth to babies which allow them to feel calm. It can also reduce startle reflex that can wake up your baby. Choose quality clothes and diapers Babies are very sensitive (their skin is especially gentle) so make sure to have the right clothing at hand. It’s best to choose something natural. You can check out the offer of organic baby clothes in Australia from My Baby Cuddles and choose something made with breathable pure organic cotton that prevents irritation and allergies. Bodysuits are the most practical, especially those with snap buttons, and you’ll get to dress and undress your baby quickly and easily. When it comes to diapers, you can choose from disposable and cloth diapers. Fun fact: Infants go through about 10 diapers a day. Bond with your kid Bonding is the most fun, enjoyable and important part of baby care. In order to bond with your child, you need to practice physical closeness by cradling and gently stroking the baby. Practicing skin-to-skin contact is also beneficial and easy to do while cradling and feeding. Shower them with pleasant sounds Most babies love sounds like singing, talking and cooing. Different yet gentle sounds from rattles and musical mobiles are a great way to stimulate your kid’s speech and language development and calm your child. However, some infants are super sensitive to sounds and might react with crying or fussing. In that case, keep noise at low or moderate levels. You don’t have to be super quiet Like stated above, most babies don’t mind loud noises. Remember that the womb isn’t perfectly sound-insulated and your child might already be used to certain noises. Many parents can do chores, watch TV and talk while their baby is asleep. But, every baby is different, so make sure to test your kid’s sound sensitivity. Enjoy every little thing with your kid, both good and messy. Just keep these tips in mind, and you have nothing to fear. Kids grow up so fast and, believe it or not, there will come the time when you’ll miss their poopy diapers and 2 a.m. feedings.
  • wrightannisla
    Oct 24

    Housework might just be the number one enemy of working mums. Besides having to take care of the kids, making sure that the meals are prepared every day and also being efficient at work, modern mums have to think about doing the housework as well. If you find this description accurate, know that you’re not alone, and many other mothers before you have found ways to make your life a lot easier. Here is some advice from experienced working mums to help relieve stress when it comes to housework duties. Clean up regularly to avoid cluttering It’s always a better strategy to clean less in more iterations than to spend a whole day cleaning and washing. By simply taking a soaked cloth and going through the room with it once or twice a week, you will definitely avoid having stashes of dust everywhere. Vacuuming more often is also welcome. Clutters of dishes can be especially annoying, so make sure you turn the dishwasher on at least three times a week. By avoiding clutter, you also avoid unwanted bacteria and allergens that might harm both you and your family. Cook several meals in advance If you’re in charge of family cooking, then you are well aware of how difficult and tiring everyday cooking can be. Instead of taking time to prepare a new meal every day, try making bigger batches that can be frozen and packed in the fridge for a couple of days . Making several meals at once can also be a time-saving hack, as long as you’re good at multitasking. This way, you will also save on energy bills since you won’t be turning the range on every day. It might be boring to eat the same meal two or three times a week, so you can make it more interesting by adding a different salad and dessert every day. Find yourself a laundry hack Laundry days are among the most time-consuming days of the week. Although it might seem easy to just throw some clothes into the washing machine and push a button in order for it to do all the work, the actual work begins after the washing machine finishes its part. Drying and ironing are never an easy job, especially if have a bigger family. So, what a crafty mum would do is find a way to make laundry duty easier by visiting a laundromat. Australian mums can rely on the service of an efficient laundromat in Randwick which enables all users to wash their clothes in an eco-friendly way and also dry them equally fast. Most laundromats work with coin machines, so all you have to do is bring your coins and your clothes in and relax by the big TV screen until the job is finished on its own. It’s okay to ask for help Although society might force you to think that your obligation is to do everything around the house, remember that you always have the choice to stick up for yourself. This doesn’t mean that you should rebel against all housework duties, but there’s also no shame in asking for help. Hiring a maid or a housekeeper to help keep the home clean by coming in once or twice a week can be a great investment in the long run. If you still find this option pricy, asking your household members, family and friends to help out is also an option. You can even make a game out of it and hand out rewards to those helper elves that did the best job. This is especially fun for kids , since they love feeling grown up and receiving rewards. Remember that keeping an open mind is the key to reorganizing your time so that you can have more of it to yourself. Nothing is written in stone, and neither are your chores, so embrace changes that will help you rest and recover.

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