Autism and Self-Esteem: 3 Critical Strategies

In my work in the autism community for the last twenty years, I have seen that there is no goal more important than helping a child cultivate self-esteem and a positive sense of self. This is important not only because it will help a child to experience more confidence and happiness in his life (what is more important than that?!), but also because it helps a child be much more open to learn and grow in a variety of other ways. Below are 3 strategies to begin this process and embark on a journey that will be deeply meaningful for you and your child. 1. Identify and cultivate your child’s strengths and passions. To explain this strategy more fully, I want to share a story about a Mom named Ma

7 Ways to Help Kids Feel Less Anxious About a New School Year

For many kids, stress over homework or other school-related matters can cause them to feel very anxious and create an overwhelming set of emotions. However, that doesn’t mean your child has to hate school. Here is what you can do to help your child feel less anxious about the upcoming school year. Give them quality time once a day Regardless of whether you spend a couple of hours or a few minutes together, simply getting some quality time can help your child feel comfortable and open up about what they might be struggling with. This will help them to work through issues that they might be having and put the two of you on the same page. Reduce Distractions at Home According to Science Daily,

How to Survive This Stressful Political Environment

One of the things that’s coming up more often in the therapy room these days is anxiety over the political climate. Patients who are uber political and apolitical alike are finding it nearly impossible to avoid getting swept into the current that is the 24-hour news cycle. Before the advent of social media and smart phones, it was possible to miss out on current events simply by not reading the newspaper or watching the news on television. We don’t have that luxury these days. Whether you’re on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, someone in your social media network will share their political opinions. It almost makes you long for the days when all we had to complain about was the incessant foo

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