Newborn Sleep (or lack of)

Newborns sleep a lot... just not always when you want them to. An average newborn baby will sleep around 16 hours a day. That leaves just 8 hours of waking time each day and it often seems like those awake hours happen at night... when you want to be sleeping. And even with 16 hours of sleep throughout the day newborns often only sleep for an average of 3 hours at a time. Some sleep in even smaller blocks of just 1 to 2 hours and a lucky few may make it for a full 4. Yes, the first weeks of life are tough and involve sleepless nights and exhausted days. I always found it both ironic and extremely frustrating when I was told to "sleep when the baby sleeps". Easy for you to say... you are pro

Accidents happen and Admitting that is the first step to preventing them.

We shared the first of what sadly ended up being several "Hot Car Death" stories today. We shared to raise awareness under the belief that the more aware people are the less likely this will happen. We share these stories each year. Each one is tragic. Each is meant with a variety of responses and provoke very strong feelings. It boils down to it being an emotional issue. Anytime a child is hurt, suffers or dies we get emotional. We are parents. We know what it is like to love a small being more than we ever thought possible. We know that we would do anything to keep our child safe. We live for them and we would die for them. We know all parents should feel this way. So when a child perishes

The truth about Farmer's Markets

Last weekend my family and I went to a "Farmer's Market" for the first time. I'd always heard great things about them and was hoping for a great experience. The kids really enjoyed picking out their fruit while my husband read each sign to see where it came from. We try to stick with things grown in Florida or the US and stay away from those grown in other countries. We were actually a bit surprised to see so many foreign grown produce. We came home, washed everything and the kids tried a baby banana, nectarine and peach. Two days later, most of the fruit was rotten!!! We've bought fruit from Publix for years and never had this happen. So, I did what we all do in today's society, I as

How to be a "Good Mom".

Tampa Bay Moms Group loves celebrating moms. Why? Because moms are amazing! I know because I am one! Mothers are not hard to find but good ones are. I'm sure you've heard the saying: But what makes a "good mom"? There are the basics like providing your children with food, shelter, an education, seeing to their health and medical needs. But let's go beyond that because a good mom always goes above and beyond. I feel like I'm a good mom. In fact there are days when I feel like I'm a great mom (of course there are days when I feel like I just can't get my crap together too). So while I am no expert I will say I do feel there are some things that any mom can do to be a good mom. In fact you pro

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