The best word I ever taught my children

My youngest daughter had a project recently where kids had to draw their faces. Her teacher said the shape of her face was difficult to draw which led to the kids at her table saying she had a funny looking face. She is very much like her older sister who is twenty so it's been a while since I've had to deal with these issues- my middle two very rarely give a hoot about what others say about them. I looked at my sweet, little girl and told her that her face was not funny looking. I asked her if she remembered all of the people who tell her how cute, adorable and beautiful she is. She did. In my best Mommy Moment with her cuddling on my lap, tears streaming down her cheeks, I said, "Then th

What Domestic Violence Really Teaches Children

Domestic violence is a private matter that has been brought into the public eye much in part to the NFL and the poor decisions of some football players. Many of us have heard the story about Ray Rice's wife and about their troubled marriage. Much of the talk about domestic violence is usually spent discussing what the parents are experiencing and although this is important, I ask "what about the kids?" Many people do not realize how domestic violence impacts a child's physical, mental and emotional development. By witnessing domestic violence a child can learn..... -that hitting or yelling at others is an appropriate way of communicating -hitting or yelling equals respect -by hitting or yell

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