Seventeen Signs Your Teen Is Depressed

Seventeen Signs Your Teen Is Depressed Teens are one of my favorite age group to work with. They are young, impressionable, highly emotional, shy and can be explosive at times. As a teen therapist I see many parents who ask me when they should be concerned about their child's mood swings. Some parents believe their teen is just going through typical "teenage mood swings." Many parents are mistaken and ask me "what are simple signs I can look for to make sure my teen is not depressed.?" Here are some depression signs you can start looking for: 1. Your teen is spending more time alone in their room. 2. Your teen is wearing long sleeves and pants during warm weather. 3. Your teen is talking to

Six Ways for a Fun Filled Family Summer

Six Ways for a Fun Filled Family Summer The kids are out of school and you are looking for ways to keep them busy this summer! Taking the summer break to reunite as a family is an excellent opportunity. If you are like most families, not everyone will agree on all the same summer activities. Nevertheless, take the time to vote on family activities that will help make everyone happy! 1. Have a technology free weekend: This is a great way to connect as a family and talk about current events. Make sure everyone (yes, including you) turns in all electronic devices and they are turned off. This will help everyone to communicate, talk, listen and interact with one another. 2. Find an activity ever

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