If you feel you are failing as a mom.. GOOD!

I think every mom (and dad) at some point has looked at the house in disarray, heard the kids crying, been overwhelmed by a monstrous to do list, and felt they were in some way failing as a parent. And if you ask me... that's a good thing. It when we feel we have perfected something then we stop trying to improve and excel at it. So I think if you have never felt like you are failing as a parent, you probably are. Parenting may come natural to many but being a "perfect parent" isn't natural at all nor is it normal. It's a learning process and perhaps it's actually impossible. But what is possible is to strive not for perfection but to be the best we can be and continue to learn as we go. Par

Why "Retarded" doesn't have to be a bad word.

This article may upset and possibly offend some people. Before I begin please understand that is NOT my intent at all. My sole purpose in writing this is to hopefully take away some of the negative connotations and feelings associated with a word that is used so very frequently. If it offends you, I truly am sorry, but if it helps change someone's perspective... then I am so very grateful. It took me a long time to get to where I was able to feel the way I feel and to finally be able to write this so if the word Retard or Retarded offends and you do not see yourself as able to look at the issue from any other perspective I encourage you to stop reading. I do not want to upset or hurt anyon

Mother's Day Memories

On my first Mother's Day I was about eight weeks pregnant. I'm not sure if that even counts as being my first since my new little life was safely tucked inside me. We had a rabbit who we considered our baby, though, so at least we had a live something that needed care and attention. I don't remember what we did on that first Mother's Day nor do I remember what happened the following year when we were able to hold, feed, change and love our little girl. My husband had the view many men have when 'our' day comes around- "You're not my mother!" I know some wives that would be extremely upset if their husbands said that to them but then, and now, every day for me was Mother's Day. For me,

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